Minimalism continues to rise in the fashion industry partly because of its sleek, no-fuss look that plays on subdued colors and mild prints. But even though it looks simple, it’s not that easy to pull off. The wearer must master the craft of subtlety to give off an elegant and uncomplicated style.

Lots of celebrities and fashion bloggers have adopted minimalism as their signature look. They often share insights for people who want to level up their style. In a previous post, So Catchy! curated awesome Instagram accounts people should follow for the latest fashion trends. Today, the spotlight is on minimalist fashion, and here are five notable women to follow on IG for a good dose of inspiration.

1. Victoria Beckham

Nothing wrong with sitting on a gold box! Kisses from Dover st! #VBSS18

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Thank you! Kisses x VB #VBAW18 #NYFW

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Former Spice Girl and fashion entrepreneur Victoria Beckham is one of the most popular celebs who have a minimalist fashion sense. She launched her eponymous label in 2008, further bolstering her status as a household name in fashion.

The Guardian points out that Beckham’s style is very sleek and she usually appears in a harmonious color palette with her signature dark sunglasses. Even when she incorporates prints, texture, and subtle splashes of color in her daily wear, Beckham still pulls off a classy look.

You can follow Victoria Beckham’s Instagram account here.

2. Figtny

Clean Slate… ☁️☁️☁️ (tap for deets!) #WinterWhites #ootd #figtny

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Figtny, a fashion blogger and social media personality, shows how prints can be incorporated in a minimalist look without overdoing it. She often rocks patterns ranging from bold stripes to polka dots. Her chosen color palette plays around varying shades of black, white, brown, and gray. Even with limited color options, Figtny shows that minimalist can still be lively. In fact, her creativity is seen with all the interesting looks she can pull off even when working with a constricted palette.

You can follow Figtny’s Instagram account here.

3. Kate Winslet

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Whether it’s a red carpet event or a photo shoot, trust Kate Winslet to always dress in an effortlessly minimalist manner. Her choice of color for high profile events is black, usually with body-hugging form factor. Her signature look even shows up in her movies like Divergent and The Dressmaker. Although, Winslet is perhaps most known for her role as Rose DeWitt Bukater in Titanic, where she caught her big break.

Even though Titanic was set in the early 1900s, Winslet’s wardrobe in the movie exuded a conservative and minimalist quality than most upper class passengers in the set. Her style as Rose was admired by a lot of women, as seen in different fashion and beauty tutorials, and it even made its way to pop culture spinoffs influenced by the movie. The Titanic game on Foxy Casino highlights the character’s elegance, even though the game has simple mechanics, it’s a quality that shines through, and is associated with Winslet even after two decades since the film’s release. Her fashion sense and the movie have both reached a timeless status, so expect more classy minimalist ensembles from the actress in the future.

You can follow Kate Winslet’s Instagram page here.

4. Caroline Joy Rector

Texas friends, let’s meet up. 😊 Madewell is opening a store in Southlake, and I’ll be at their opening event. I’d love to see you there — we can style outfits or swap music recommendations or we can just talk life stuff. So save the date: October 24th, 5-7pm, Madewell at Southlake Town Center. And save room for tacos, too. 🌮🌮🌮 Because there will be tacos. ___ Also, here’s my 7th look for the #fall10x10! Ah, these Birkenstocks were a good idea. Comfort and ease forever. ___ Tap for outfit details or click the link in my bio for direct links to each piece. My 10×10 co-host @leevosburgh is already finished with her remix, but hop on over to her profile to catch any looks you might have missed! #unfancyremix #stylebee10x10

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Hello again #10x10friends! Look 5 right up there for ya. 👆 And since we’re at the halfway point, how about an update on how my #fall10x10 is going so far? (Long post ahead!) ___ Creativity + Outfits: I haven’t pushed any creative boundaries with my outfits, but you know what? I don’t even care because they have been ridiculously comfortable and easy to wear. 😁 ___ Laundry: This time around, I’ve needed to do more laundry than I usually do during a 10×10. I’ve hand-washed my white tank twice and my jeans once and it’s only been five days. 🙈 And while I haven’t had to wash my black sweater yet, I’ve reached for it every day, so it’s been through multiple lint rollings and a good steaming. ___ Weather: We’ve had our fair share of swings — hot 90 degree days and chilly 50 degree days so far. I’m glad I included both a big turtleneck sweater AND shorts in my 10 pieces, however I do miss my ankle booties on the chillier days. Overall though, my pieces are working for the weather, so yay! ___ And that’s about it! How’s YOUR remix going so far? ___ Tap for outfit details or click the link in my bio for direct links to each piece. Make sure to hop on over to my 10×10 co-host @leevosburgh’s profile to see what she’s put together today too! #unfancyremix #stylebee10x10

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Caroline Joy Rector is another fashion blogger with a sizable following on Instagram. Her style is more down to earth, incorporating minimalism into every day casual wear – think sneakers, jeans, and sleeveless tops. Check out Rector’s feed when looking for minimalist combinations of items that already exist in most closets.

You can follow Caroline Joy Rector’s Instagram feed here.

5. Mary Lawless Lee

the front knot👌🏻 #liketkit

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Lee’s social media brand, Happily Grey, is an application of minimalism on fashion, lifestyle, travel, and even fitness. She gives minimalism a twist by throwing in pieces that are edgy and daring, yet still exudes an overall minimalist vibe. This kind of style is for women who are more adventurous in fashion, as the outfits Lee presents rarely look the same. From sweet darling jumpers to rocking knee high boots, her fashion sense is never off the mark.

You can follow Mary Lawless Lee’s Instagram account here.

These ladies show different wonderful possibilities when it comes to minimalist fashion. Sticking to one color is not required, and you can still feature prints and textures – All of which prove that minimalist style is a versatile, sharp look.